[Techtalk] Simply Hardware-It's Baack

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 25 17:35:13 EST 2002

Hi All.

	With some really nice peoples help, here on the list, my new 
box is up and running. Not yet with the Silcon Express raid.)-:  WoW 
it's a huge speed improvement over my 1995 Macintosh. Some of you may 
notice this note is written on my Mac, it will take a while to move. 
My understanding of the boot process is much improved, thank you.

	Two questions:
	I want to put on a second monitor.(The two monitor Mac 
spoiled me) Mandrake 2.4.3, AMD 1.4, 256DDR, TNT2-AGP, Second 
graphic's card to be Nivdia-PCI, SystemBoard. KDE or Gnome, is either 
better for this?
	What should I expect after installing the PCI card? It has a 
APG running now and I selected "both" PCI and AGP in bios set-up. Is 
two monitors a big problem like on windoz PC's a few years ago?

	RAID advice wanted (still). I installed the PCI Silicon 
Express ATA 133 with cables & drives attached. It got to mBoard bios 
set-up and I configured the bios for the raid card, then, as before, 
all hung there, it simply stops here. Resetting and changing various 
bios setting makes no difference. The drives are recognized in bios 
as a raid unit or separately. With the raid card IN, it simply will 
not move on to boot!  You are welcome to forward this  paragraph to 
anyone whom you think might be willing to help.

	    Have a nice Day!,

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