[Techtalk] Newly discovered: HTLMDOC

Megan Golding meggolding at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 12:38:51 EST 2002

Earlier today, I had to convert a web page to pdf so I went looking
for a tool to do the job. What I found was so cool, I thought I'd
share with you folks...

Some people may wonder why I'd need to convert from HTML to PDF ("Why
not use a word processor?", they say). This situation was one in
which I had the source file only in HTML format. Someone at my
company needed to distribute on of my articles from the website to an
external organization. The article was being republished and they
wanted a PDF version.

After a quick Google, I found HTMLDOC, a GNU-licensed tool available
from  http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/.

Let's say you have content at http://some.web.page/file.html and want
to make that into PDF. Here's how HTMLDOC would handle it:

htmldoc --webpage http://some.web.page/file.html -f output.pdf

After some quick looking around the man page, I also found these
 * Set margins
 * Set body and header fonts
 * Set header and footer text
 * Add a background (or watermark) image

Complaints? CSS support would be nice and according to Easy
Software's web site, a version of HTMLDOC supporting CSS styles
should be released in the latter half of 2002.

PS -- thanks, Chix, for the earlier discussion of batch resizing
images. I love 'mogrify' and have had ocassion to use it since
spotting it on this list recently.

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