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Robyn Manning rmanning at adam.com.au
Thu Aug 22 22:55:47 EST 2002

Hi all,

Last I looked in my machine that is - 2 connectors on the cable are
closer to 1 end than the other these are for the drives. The furthest is
master and the middle is slave - no colours.


On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 16:48, Andrew wrote:
> Hi Sophie, et. al.
> I was whining in my last post, sorry.
> Basically after changing the cabling and jumpers I may have taken a 
> step backwards? Now I get a repeated message; With the IDE PCI card 
> out.
> "Boot Failure
>   Reboot and select proper Boot device
> Press any key when ready._ _ _ _"
> With the IDE-PCI card in, it gets as far as the raid setup and it 
> stops. I got a good idea the machine worked when I installed a 5th 
> drive and was able to boot from the CD and write to the drive (with 
> the PCI card hanging out) and then... and thennn, it would not boot 
> from the new 5th hard drive. At that point I re-cabled the thing 
> changed the jumpers. Now I still get the message above(Boot Failure)
> 	Well it's three am and Not a good time to pursue problems.
> 	Basically I have never gone past bios with the PCI card and 
> once was able to boot and write from the CD one time only. The other 
> message I have seen is "ADAPI (Spelling?) not compatable, select boot 
> drive".
> 	Is it possible the CD, which is new, is not a bootable 
> device? even though it did one time. Maybe jumper setting need a 
> review on the CD.
> 	thank you
> -- 
> 	    Have a nice Day!,
> 		Andrew
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