[Techtalk] Start again

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 22 03:18:24 EST 2002

Hi Sophie, et. al.

I was whining in my last post, sorry.

Basically after changing the cabling and jumpers I may have taken a 
step backwards? Now I get a repeated message; With the IDE PCI card 
"Boot Failure
  Reboot and select proper Boot device
Press any key when ready._ _ _ _"

With the IDE-PCI card in, it gets as far as the raid setup and it 
stops. I got a good idea the machine worked when I installed a 5th 
drive and was able to boot from the CD and write to the drive (with 
the PCI card hanging out) and then... and thennn, it would not boot 
from the new 5th hard drive. At that point I re-cabled the thing 
changed the jumpers. Now I still get the message above(Boot Failure)
	Well it's three am and Not a good time to pursue problems.
	Basically I have never gone past bios with the PCI card and 
once was able to boot and write from the CD one time only. The other 
message I have seen is "ADAPI (Spelling?) not compatable, select boot 

	Is it possible the CD, which is new, is not a bootable 
device? even though it did one time. Maybe jumper setting need a 
review on the CD.

	thank you

	    Have a nice Day!,

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