[Techtalk] rebooting bad?

Malcolm-Rannirl rannirl-lc at otherkin.net
Tue Aug 20 10:51:15 EST 2002

The other day, when trying to solve a problem, my boss suggested the solution 
of "just have it reboot in the middle of the night when it's not doing 
anything". My initial reaction was "ugh! no! This is linux, you don't need to 
reboot, rebooting is bad."

Now, I was right about the not needing to reboot (all it actually took was 
for the main application to be not running for five minutes, which was not a 
problem as at 4am no one would be using the machine). However, I couldn't 
explain why rebooting was inherently bad (as opposed to merely unnecessary).

So, is it, and if so why? Or was this just a "linux is not NT" reaction?

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