[Techtalk] Gimp tricks (was "I need to use Windows because ...")

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Mon Aug 19 21:53:58 EST 2002

> Better yet, start some discussion on one of the existing lists,
> since they already have active gimpers subscribed.
> I'd recommend either gimp-users (probably the list you're already on)
> or GUG (the gimp user group, http://gug.sunsite.dk/).
> Both of these lists have unfortunately had some technical problems
> recently (I believe the machine that hosts gimp.org had a disk crash
> and the site is still in the process of being restored), which may
> be part of their almost-nonexistant traffic.  But I bet if someone
> started sharing techniques or asking questions, there are lots of
> people who would start chiming in.  If you start, I'll help. :-)

gimp-uses please. I am subscribed there (digest mode currently)

I think the recent lack of traffic is mainly due to excessive
frustration about the spam.  our lists are set so non-members can post
(please don't bring up that argument again. it has been argued to death
and no changes made) so we get spammed to death.  also someone with a
ton of gimp addresses has picked up klez.  i keep getting klez spams to
the docs at gimp.org address.

Also for gimp is the irc.gimp.org #gimp channel.  You will find
different people depending on your time zone.  If carol is there and
awake, you can find lots and lots of tips and tricks.

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