[Techtalk] Gimp tricks (was "I need to use Windows because ...")

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Aug 11 12:44:41 EST 2002

Scott wrote:
> > 2)Odd request, but a mailing list like the Photoshop Discussion List,
> > only for the Gimp.  The Photoshop list is very good and active with
> > tips and tricks on how to do effects, web graphics, etc.  I signed up
> > for the list via the Gimp site and the only thing I get is the monthly
> > reminder about my membership.  Unless there is another list out there.

caitlynmaire at earthlink.net writes:
> If it doesn't exits, start one.  Check out http://www.smartgroups.com or
> http://www.topica.com  Both are free.

Better yet, start some discussion on one of the existing lists,
since they already have active gimpers subscribed.
I'd recommend either gimp-users (probably the list you're already on)
or GUG (the gimp user group, http://gug.sunsite.dk/).

Both of these lists have unfortunately had some technical problems
recently (I believe the machine that hosts gimp.org had a disk crash
and the site is still in the process of being restored), which may
be part of their almost-nonexistant traffic.  But I bet if someone
started sharing techniques or asking questions, there are lots of
people who would start chiming in.  If you start, I'll help. :-)


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