[Techtalk] Simply Hardware 3a

Sophie sophie at cats.meow.at
Mon Aug 19 12:50:04 EST 2002

On Sun, Aug/18/02 04:21:03PM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> 	Prior to the below bios message it says "Set 1,2,3,4, <0>,
> <1>, <2>, <3>" that *seems* correct if I want a software raid??

Why on earth do you want a software raid? I thought you have a hardware raid controller?

> 	Next on/in setting up the bios I set CD-ROM as primary..no
> joy yet,,, even switched Mandrake boot CD to CDRW, no difference.
> Message from BOIS:
> 	"The PnP system BIOS installs Si1 0680 devices as;
> 	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	80h
> 	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	81h
> 	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	82h
> 	Maxtor 6l060J3	577259	as	83h"
> 	****This is where it just sits and waits flashing the curser****

It shouldnt sit there showing a cursor with no prompt... it should exit the raid's bios and continue booting the system.

> 	Previously it (the bios) combined them automatically and
> totaled the 4 drives into one. I changed that. Dave suggested a
> software raid so I erased the combined configuration. Do I have a
> choice of software or Hardware raid while using the PCI board? Maybe
> that should have been left alone?

Yes, dont use software raid! Ok, so ata raid controllers are not the most effecient (they do still use the cpu, as opposed to "real" raid controllers, which handle everything in hardware), but you do still want to have your raid controller do the controlling if you want any appearance of speed.

Remove the raid card from your system (unplug it from the motherboard) and see if you can get the system to boot without it. We can install raid later - one thing at a time!

Do you plan to install your OS to the raid disks or to another disk on the motherboard's ide controller?

> 	Yes The *ide* for the 4 drives is on PCI. As yet I do not
> know what PCI IDE  controller it is.

It's a Silicon Image 0680 controller, with a Silicon Image Medley bios (not to be confused with your motherboard's AMI (american megatrends incooperated iirc) bios.) I happen to have the same controller in my desktop machine.

> 	I left the Motherboard, Primary, for the CD-ROM (Master) &
> (Slave) CDRW. They are jumpered correctly and are now recognized by
> bios? a step in the right direction!

great. I'll leave you in Jenn's capable hands for getting the system to boot. Again, remove the raid card until you're sure everything else is ok - right now, it's only confusing things.

> BIOS; AMIBIOS 02/06/02
> Maybe there are jumper setting in the PCI as yet unnamed IDE card?

I'm sorry, i dont quite understand what you trying to say here. If you mean is there a jumper on the pci card, all I rember is a couple of headers to connect LEDs to indicate disk activity.

> OR should I switch the connection of the CD's to the secondary 40 pin
> position on the mother board?

No, that wont effect anything

> 	OK I have faith WE can fix this Thanks.

quite :) wait until you get to the kernel configuration ;)

- sophie

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