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On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 09:27, Andrew wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	For hours I have been looking (googleing?) for info. I did 
> not want to ask here for fear hardware is not appropriate for this 
> list.

Hardware is technical stuff. This is a general technical list. Go for

> 	On initial boot the bios complained about a few things I 
> fixed them a bad connection or two. The Bios does not complain now, 
> it just stops at setting up the raid.
> 	I am building my first box from scratch, it is together, no 
> floppy was included, thinking it would not be needed, now, how do I 
> boot my new machine off the Mandrake CD?  Are there jumper setting on 
> the CD drive? Or do I need to find the long lost "Mandrake boot 
> floppy"?

When CD-ROMs were new equipment, BIOSes typically didn't have the
ability to boot from a CD-ROM so there were boot floppies.

Modern BIOSes can boot from a CD-ROM. In your BIOS, check that the CD is
one of the boot options.

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