[Techtalk] Simply Hardware 2

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 17 21:44:08 EST 2002

Hi All,

	After seeing your posts, I changed the jumper pin (to master) 
and the CD is now reported by the bios as Master and the CDRW as 
slave, that is correct. Before it did not find the CD. Mem is 
correct, all 4 (raid)striped drives are correct as is the amount of 
space on the combined drives. It reports "the PnP system BIOS 
installs SiI 0680 devices as striped set 00-00-00 01(not actual #'s) 
and then the 229030 mb("Combined drive size") as 80h
	It just stops there.

	After power on it enters raid set up very quickly. my 
pressing F8 or del does not seem to affect it. I just checked to see 
if num-lock and cap-lock lights works ..yes.
	I am lost. Mandrake CD has been in both CD and CDRW at 
power-up and as said they now are reported at start-up.


>	On initial boot the bios complained about a few things I
>  > fixed them a bad connection or two. The Bios does not complain now,
>>  it just stops at setting up the raid.
>>	I am building my first box from scratch, it is together, no
>>  floppy was included, thinking it would not be needed, now, how do I
>>  boot my new machine off the Mandrake CD?  Are there jumper setting on
>>  the CD drive? Or do I need to find the long lost "Mandrake boot
>>  floppy"?
>When CD-ROMs were new equipment, BIOSes typically didn't have the
>ability to boot from a CD-ROM so there were boot floppies.
>Modern BIOSes can boot from a CD-ROM. In your BIOS, check that the CD is
>one of the boot options.
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