[Techtalk] kernel upgrade 2.2.13=> 2.4.19 on Mdke...dumb idea?

Bobrobaly at wmconnect.com Bobrobaly at wmconnect.com
Sat Aug 17 06:51:13 EST 2002

Hello folks.

Haven't corresponded in a while, but I've been following  things recently, 
and off and on for several years.

Last time I wrote, I had just installed Mandrake 6.5, my first and only 
Linux,  ran into boot problems and you guys helped me out of it.

Well, since then there's been some winmodem/sound card driver hacks I'd like 
to try to get working, Conexant, but they all seem to require at least 
2.2.14.  So I figured I'd try a kernel upgrade.  The guy that wrote the RH 
upgrade NHF makes it sound pretty straightforward, but when 
I downloaded 2.4.19 and binutils and read the surface docs, I'm wondering;  
Will this break what I've already got running?

Would a less ambitious upgrade to, say, 2.2.19 or so be safer?
I know there are newer distros.  I don't like things being too new.
Don't hold with that sort of thing.

Downloaded those first two TexLyx courses from over in France,
BTW.  Cool.  So that's what dvi readers read.  Who knew?
Another reason I don't particularly want a new distro. Still haven't half 
figured out what's in the old one.  Fsck.jsf...Hmmmm.
Don't much trust journalists, either.  Specially not ones who talk dirty.

-Bob Newman

... " 'Ah, to be old again', said the young corpse."  -Stanislaw Lec

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