[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies (me)

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Wed Aug 14 11:43:48 EST 2002

> IMHO, The Gimp just isn't ready to replace Photoshop (or the
> Photoshop/Imageready combination).

That's too bad! Comparing the two, I've ended up using Gimp almost
exclusively. Though I don't have Imageready, and don't even know what it
is. I suspect this issue will devolve to 'what the person is doing' and at
the Dummies level of the original query, I can easily imagine other people
liking Gimp as well.

> I test it every once in a while to see
> if it can optimise web graphics as well as Photoshop

...but here's an issue I don't understand! Can you unpack what you mean by
'optimize?' I mean...

> but it's still not at a stage where I'd use it for production stuff.

...I could be in trouble, because I do!


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