[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies (me)

miaridge at miaridge.com miaridge at miaridge.com
Tue Aug 13 10:30:53 EST 2002

On 7 Aug 2002, Mick Timony wrote:

> >Photoshop for fancier fun
> I'm surprised no-one has mentioned The Gimp! Not a html editor, but you
> may find it a handy replacement for Photoshop saving you from having to
> reboot to Windows.

IMHO, The Gimp just isn't ready to replace Photoshop (or the 
Photoshop/Imageready combination).  I test it every once in a while to see 
if it can optimise web graphics as well as Photoshop, but it's still not 
at a stage where I'd use it for production stuff.

cheers, Mia

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