WINE (was Re: [Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ...")

Syleniel grrliegeek at
Sun Aug 11 21:42:58 EST 2002

On Sunday 11 August 2002 08:27 am, Beth Johnson wrote:

> My Mr. needs financial software comparable to MS Money and his heartrate
> monitor/running program working under Linux to be able to switch from
> WinXP. 

I don't know about the heartrate software, but for a financial software 
program you might look at Moneydance. It's able to import .qif files, and I'm 
currently testing it out as a replacement for Quicken. (I had written to 
Quicken to let them know I'd buy a Linux version if they made one but got a 
"not in the near future" kind of answer).

My only other serious need in Linux is a Dreamweaver replacement. Alas, it 
looks like that's going to be a wait.


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