[Techtalk] kernel 2.4.19

mc mcgonzalez at att.net
Sun Aug 11 12:09:56 EST 2002


Has anyone upgraded to the above kernel?  From my reading, upgrading may
get the onboard sound on my new MB to be recognized (then again it may
not, but I am willing to try).  Any gotchas?  I already downloaded the
tarball from kernel.org.  This is an RH7.3 system.

This should be fun if nothing else.  I have tried to do new kernels
about 10 times on various systems and versions of linux and it has never
worked!  I am thinking this time is the charm, since the machine is
still fairly pristine, so if I have to wipe and load because I totally
broke it, there is not a problem.

I haven't lost my mind,
It is backed up on disk somewhere.

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