(Fwd) [Techtalk] UPS suggestions?

cgay at donslothower.com cgay at donslothower.com
Sun Aug 11 11:48:02 EST 2002

>>We just had a power outtage, which got me thinking ... maybe a UPS would be a 
>>good idea. Does 
>>anyone have a suggestion for a decent UPS that will work with Linux that isn't too 
>>I know that APC has some UPSes that work with Linux, but APC prices tend to 
>>be pretty high. 
>>This might be because they have the highest quality products, but I'm kind of on 
>>a budget, so 
>>I'd like to keep the UPS choice as inexpensive as possible (without getting 
>>something flaky).

I had the cheapest APC UPS I could get in the states.  It worked pretty well on any 
system.  It's a standard dumb UPS with no software.  Cost me about 79 USD a few 
years ago.  Gave my celeron 300 about 10 minutes of time to shutdown.

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