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hey, thats wonderful! i'm so glad it got it working... glad my memories of 
struggling with OO in the past came to some good use :)

its a really nice wordprocessor - the nicest i've seen for GNU/Linux yet, and 
it can export to .doc format which is pretty darn rare! 

hmm.... i havent tried changing the screenfont... not sure if its in 
preferences (its a while since i used OO) or if you'd need to hack the 
code....!!!! ;-) probably it would be quite a simple hack though.... 

best wishes

On Sunday 11 August 2002 00:10, you wrote:
> I figured out what was wrong...  Miram, you were on the right track, it
> was a CH thingy...  apparently I didn't own some KDE files in my own
> home directory and that was what wasn't allowing me to create folders.
> once I changed the ownership on those to me, the install worked just
> fine.  WHEW!  :)  It opened, it works, it seems so far to do tables with
> enough features to keep me happy (split and joined cells, with and
> without borders, easily resiable, etc) which was the main thing I was
> having trouble with in other linux options.
> One random thing that might or might not be easy to adjust...  is there
> a way to change the screenfont OO uses for it's menus?  the one it is
> using now is different from what other windows use and is very difficult
> to read.  Doesn't affect functionality in any way but is somewhat annoying.
> Again, thank you thank you thank you for helping!
> 			-Suzi


cat /dev/sda1 > /dev/dsp

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