[Techtalk] OpenOffice

Suzi Anvin suzi at anvin.org
Sat Aug 10 16:10:44 EST 2002

I figured out what was wrong...  Miram, you were on the right track, it 
was a CH thingy...  apparently I didn't own some KDE files in my own 
home directory and that was what wasn't allowing me to create folders. 
once I changed the ownership on those to me, the install worked just 
fine.  WHEW!  :)  It opened, it works, it seems so far to do tables with 
enough features to keep me happy (split and joined cells, with and 
without borders, easily resiable, etc) which was the main thing I was 
having trouble with in other linux options.

One random thing that might or might not be easy to adjust...  is there 
a way to change the screenfont OO uses for it's menus?  the one it is 
using now is different from what other windows use and is very difficult 
to read.  Doesn't affect functionality in any way but is somewhat annoying.

Again, thank you thank you thank you for helping!

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