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Sun Aug 11 11:41:22 EST 2002

> 2)Odd request, but a mailing list like the Photoshop Discussion List,
> only for the Gimp.  The Photoshop list is very good and active with tips
> and tricks on how to do effects, web graphics, etc.  I signed up for the
> list via the Gimp site and the only thing I get is the monthly reminder
> about my membership.  Unless there is another list out there.

i believe from memory that one of the gnu. usenet groups is for gimp.... 

> 4)Home Site.  I have learned to get used to the auto-completion for the
> tags as I type them and that really speeds me up.

Xemacs does some auto-completion i believe.... not sure if its as full as 
HomeSite (personally i find that feature annoying though ;-) - i've just 
discovered Macromedia have incorporated it into Dreamweaver MX and it drives 
me crazy!)



cat /dev/sda1 > /dev/dsp

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