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Megan Golding meggolding at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 10 06:14:37 EST 2002

--- Akkana <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote:
> I've had several cases where I went around saying linux is great
> except I hate that I can't do [x] task which is easy on windows
> ...  then stumbled upon a program that did exactly what I'd been
> whining about not being able to do, and discovered that it had
>  been around for years.  And once I find one program to do 
> something, invariably people immediately start telling me about
> three or four others that I also hadn't known about. 

> Let's list some needs, and see if anyone knows of linux solutions!

1) SOLVED: For the longest time, I kept retreating to the familiarity
of Windows to burn CD's. Then I finally re-read the CD-Recording
HOWTO and realize the commands are actually quite easily. 'cdrecord'
and 'mkisofs' are all I need to burn data to a CD. One of these days,
I'll get around to 'xcdroast', but I'm happy with the commands right

2) NOT SOLVED: Windows fonts. I do a fair amount of Web work that
involves making images. Unfortunately, I still have to return to
Windows when my art director(s) say they want something in Impact
(insert any Windows True Type font here). Grrr...

3) NOT SOLVED: WYSIWYG web page creation programs as well-developed
as some Windows alternatives. We've just discussed this topic here,
on techtalk. I list it as not solved mainly because I don't think the
Linux apps are quite as well-rounded. Is there a viable alternative
to Macromedia's Dreamweaver for Linux?

Excellent thread! I'm looking forward to other posts.


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