[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

mc mcgonzalez at att.net
Sat Aug 10 08:16:43 EST 2002

> Let's list some needs, and see if anyone knows of linux solutions!

Excellent thread!

I finally solved my "You have to use IE to get to this status web page
you need" problem by using Opera and setting it to ID as IE.  I have
been lucky and found apps that allow me to do just about everything else
for work.  For personal use, except for a game or two, I am totally
linux (unless I crash stuff!).

Not yet solved, two VPN's I need to connect with.  The first is an MS
PPTP VPN.  I have seen some PPTP clients in my google searches, but
never could get them to work.  The second uses a Nortel client and
secure ID.  I don't think I will be able to get that one working unless
a client for Linux is actually released :(

Still working on it: getting sound to work on my new linux box.  Sound
is onboard the MB.  I figured out sound for the laptop, so I am pretty
sure I can get it working on the PC, but it has so far eluded me.  Then
I can listen to my MP3's while working!

I haven't lost my mind,
It is backed up on disk somewhere.

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