[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Aug 9 19:32:24 EST 2002

A thread on another list inspired this:

I've had several cases where I went around saying linux is great
except I hate that I can't do [x] task which is easy on windows
...  then stumbled upon a program that did exactly what I'd been whining
about not being able to do, and discovered that it had been around for
years.  And once I find one program to do something, invariably people
immediately start telling me about three or four others that I also
hadn't known about.  After a few such discoveries, I was happily
able to convert over to using linux fulltime (my windows machine
is currently acting as a nice footrest -- the case is a more comfortable
height than the case on my linux boxes. :-)

I hear lots of people say "I can't use linux because the apps just
aren't available", or "... because hardware support is poor", or other
generalities.  But I wonder if sometimes this is just because it isn't
always easy to find the solution in linux and get it installed and
configured.  (Yes, this is a problem too, and one the community needs to
address.  But maybe we can help out people on these lists who would like
to use linux fulltime, but aren't able to.)

Of course, many people have to use Windows at work, and of course
that's a valid reason (would that we could all work for enlightened
companies who support open software!)  But what's blocking you from
using linux at home, and does your employer or clients have good
reasons for sticking to windows?

Let's list some needs, and see if anyone knows of linux solutions!

I'll start.  I have a friend who runs linux on his server, but he
uses windows on the desktop because he edits a club newsletter and
needs desktop publishing software.  I found Scribus, which shows
promise, but it's still fairly rough, not something I can recommend
my friend use for his practical needs.  Is there a better answer?


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