[Techtalk] RE: Window manager help!!

mc mcgonzalez at worldnet.att.net
Fri Aug 9 07:13:34 EST 2002

At 06:08 PM 8/8/2002, Mick Timony wrote:
>It could be caused by gpm.
>To quote the man page gpm is:
>         - a cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles
>It allows you to use a mouse in the virtual consoles. Sometimes you can
>end up with the X and gpm fighting over the mouse control pointer. To
>turn off gpm cd to /etc/init.d as root, and look for a file named gpm.
>If that file exists issue the following comand to stop gpm:
>./gpm stop
>This will turn it off until the next reboot. Or until you issue
>/etc/init.d/gpm start
>If there is no file named gpm, try using ps to find the pid and kill it.
>     mtimony at debian:/etc/init.d$ ps -ef|grep gpm
>     root   1994  1886  0 20:06 pts/4    00:00:00 gpm
>     kill -HUP 1994

Thanks Mick!

That actually does sound like what may have gone wrong, I will keep this 
for future reference!


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