3rd [Techtalk] kernel What have i done

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 8 04:10:32 EST 2002

Hi Again,

	I began this by getting the 2.4.19 source from kernel.org. 
(Actually this has been an ongoing hurdle, started at 2.4.18 weeks 
	Because 2.4.3 is such a big jump to 2.4.19 I thought it good 
to simply compile a new kernel. This may be where it went wrong. 
	At the begining I was not certain where to copy the compiled 
bzImage file. I did a "make mrproper" to start over and from then on 
"make *anything*" gives me file not found error. I only get to do 
this stuff late at night and it is 4am for me. My hope is this server 
will continue to function tomorrow, now only 4 hours away.

	Please Keeep the suggestions coming, I am learning. Can you 
explain a bit more about targz and patches.

>On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 03:39, Andrew wrote:
>>	Yes I did the sym link /usr/src/linux /usr/src/linux-2.4.19.
>>  Then went on to do make dep and got the same old "file not found"
>>  error, listed in the previous e-mail info.
>>	I too think make is looking for a file, but do not know
>>  which,where, or how to fix it. Cleaning out the /usr/src/...file did
>>  not do anything.
>>	**So are you saying cleaning it out, as I did, will not
>>  affect re-boot or start-up? That is good news.
>Hi Andrew,
>Excuse me if you already mentioned this, but how are you going about the
>updating of your kernel?  If I remember correctly, you are supposed to
>patch up if using tar.gz.  Are you going straight from 2.4.3 to 2.4.19?
>I don't know if it matters or not, but in the event that it does, the
>linuxnewbie.org howtos for kernels mention how to patch up as well.
>This was the way I had to do it to get a specific kernel to recognize my
>sound card.
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	    Have a nice Day!,

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