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i think you might need to be running ALSA to get this to work - ALSA 
will allow multiple instances of sound (and mixers) to run, whereas 
OSS/Free wont....

although i've managed to get both my Turtle Beach Pinnacle and AWE64 
running at the same time, i've never tried sending them to 4 speakers (i 
just send them to my hardware mixer)...

the problem you might experience is latency between the two cards. a 
friend of mine was experimenting around trying to hard-wire a series of 
Soundblasters together to get 8 channels, but never had the time to try 
- the archives of the discussion are at the linux-audio-dev mailing list 

hope that helps,


Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> Asking this for a friend:
> Has anybody had any success getting four speakers (that is, two pairs)
> to work with a Soundblaster Live Value card under Linux? Some exploring
> on Google (in particular, Google groups) has not really turned up much
> and I am at a bit of a loss to know where else to look.
> The sort of thing she is wanting to do is that when an mp3 plays, the
> sound should go to both sets of speakers. Currently (with the emu10k1
> driver) it only goes to the first set. Also, from some random poking
> around we just did, the standard audio mixer applications all just seem
> to have one set of volume controls, so I am not sure if there is meant
> to be independent control. Does anybody have any experience with too
> many speakers on their system? :-)
> Thanks,
> Malcolm
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