[Techtalk] Samba setup

Betty Johnson bettyj at telusplanet.net
Tue Oct 30 06:46:41 EST 2001

This might be a newbie question and maybe not, but I hope someone on here can
help me.

I have 4 computers in my home network

2 are Windows 98
1 is SuSe 7.1
1 is Mandrake 8.1 (beta)

My Mandrake box is set up as default gateway for Internet connection sharing.
1 NIC connects to my DSL modem and the internet and the other connects to my
internal lan, where the internet is working on all 4 computers simutaneously.

Samba server is also installed on the Mandrake box.  I can view and
manipulate files on the Windows boxes from both the Mandrake box and SuSe
box. I have a printer connected to one of the Windows boxes that works on
both the Mandrake and Suse box.  So I think Samba is set up okay.

My problem is this: the Mandrake box can ping all the other boxes.  All the
other boxes can ping each other but none of them can ping the Mandrake box.
The Samba server shows up in Network Neighbourhood but you click on it and it
says host not found.  I am not sure if this is a Samba problem or a firewall

Has anyone run into anything like this, that they can offer me suggestions of
where to look?  Thanks.

Betty Johnson, MCP
Edmonton AB

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