[Techtalk] Samba setup

Rob Stevens linuxgawd at home.com
Tue Oct 30 09:10:01 EST 2001

Sounds to me like your gateway's firewall is tooo strick in its ruleset.
Are you using IPChains or IPtables?

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> This might be a newbie question and maybe not, but I hope someone on here
> help me.
> I have 4 computers in my home network
> 2 are Windows 98
> 1 is SuSe 7.1
> 1 is Mandrake 8.1 (beta)
> My Mandrake box is set up as default gateway for Internet connection
> 1 NIC connects to my DSL modem and the internet and the other connects to
> internal lan, where the internet is working on all 4 computers
> Samba server is also installed on the Mandrake box.  I can view and
> manipulate files on the Windows boxes from both the Mandrake box and SuSe
> box. I have a printer connected to one of the Windows boxes that works on
> both the Mandrake and Suse box.  So I think Samba is set up okay.
> My problem is this: the Mandrake box can ping all the other boxes.  All
> other boxes can ping each other but none of them can ping the Mandrake
> The Samba server shows up in Network Neighbourhood but you click on it and
> says host not found.  I am not sure if this is a Samba problem or a
> problem.
> Has anyone run into anything like this, that they can offer me suggestions
> where to look?  Thanks.
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