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JenniferS.Davis JenniferS.Davis
Tue Oct 30 00:40:10 EST 2001

As you can see below, again, the list has the answer :)!  Thanks.  I took 
Rob's advice.  I will probably not do any more to the SCSI modules unless I 
need them to operate my CD-RW.  CD burning is something I still haven't 
mastered in Linux and I still use another OS to do that.  When, 2.4.14 comes 
out, I will try applying the patch (if necessary) and restoring SCSI.


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Almut Behrens wrote, ...

> it doesn't seem to be your fault...  There exists a patch since
> 2.4.10-pre7 addressing the issue, which for some reason doesn't seem to
> have made it into the current kernel release.
> This simply means that the compiler cannot find a declaration of the
> symbol 'SCSI_...', and thus cannot continue its build.
> The compiler is complaining for good reason: by grepping through the
> sources, one can immediately verify that the symbol isn't there...

Jennifer S. Davis
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