[Techtalk] RH 7.2/KDE

Raven Brooke trinity at whoppo.net
Mon Oct 29 12:43:37 EST 2001

Hey Chix,

I have recently installed Red Hat 7.2 on a few machines, and am having a 
problem with KDE on just _one_ of them. I have tried swapping between 
three different videocards, and reinstalled with one of them to no avail. 
The problem is as follows: when starting x, the startup icons on the 
splashscreen happily flash until the "window manager" one is reached, then 
the machine locks up hard. I mean ctr-alt-backspace wont kill x and I have 
to actually powercycle the machine. I have no trouble launching gnome, 
only KDE. Specs for this machine are:

Celeron 1GHz/100MHZ bus
576Mb RAM
Savage 4 (S540 Diamond Stealth)

Any ideas?

Also, I am currently logging in with a username different from the one my 
ISP uses for my primary email; anyone know how I might configure pine to 
let me choose my "From" identity on outgoing mail? I prefer to use pine 
rather than a gui mail client, as it enables me to check my mail from an 
ssh shell from anywhere.



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