[Techtalk] RH 7.2/KDE

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Oct 29 10:53:55 EST 2001

Raven Brooke writes:
> I have recently installed Red Hat 7.2 on a few machines, and am having a 
> problem with KDE on just _one_ of them. I have tried swapping between 
> three different videocards, and reinstalled with one of them to no avail. 
> The problem is as follows: when starting x, the startup icons on the 
> splashscreen happily flash until the "window manager" one is reached, then 
> the machine locks up hard. I mean ctr-alt-backspace wont kill x and I have 
> to actually powercycle the machine. I have no trouble launching gnome, 
> only KDE. Specs for this machine are:

Interesting.  I had the same problem on my Vaio SR17 laptop, running
Redhat 7.1 (and the kde packages which came with that, 2.1-various),
but only with a 2.4.7 kernel.  Initially, using Redhat's 2.4.2 kernel,
kde worked fine and I was using it, but after I built 2.4.7, I got
lockups every time I tried to start kde; I had to pull the battery out
to reset the machine, and on reboot fsck always found numerous
filesystem problems, so I wasn't motivated to spend a lot of time fixing
it for fear of horking my filesystem.  There are other things I didn't
like about kde2 (I loved kde 1, but newer versions just seem to be
getting bigger and slower and more intrusive) so I decided it was time
to switch to gnome/sawfish.

Now I'm running a 2.4.9 kernel, and I *think* I tried kde2 once and
it actually did start up under 2.4.9, but sawfish starts up so much
faster I've stuck with it and don't miss kde.

I never figured out what the actual problem was, so this isn't much help
unless it helps to know you aren't the only one and it's not just RH72.


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