Subject: [Techtalk] Proposal: A beginner's list.

Jeff Dike jdike at
Sun Oct 28 01:42:15 EST 2001

raen7 at said:
> I am definitely in favour of this. I installed Linux 6 months ago and
> am only beginning to get to know my way around and often have
> questions so dumb I fear for myself.

How is techtalk not suitable for this?  As far as I'm aware, all remotely
technical questions of any level are asked and answered here.  

Is it that it doesn't have "Newbie *User*, the  clutz, the truly madly deeply 
dummy, the so-called Weapons Grade User" in the name, so the weapons grade
users stay away, thinking that we are far too intellectual and advanced for
them and we'll just laugh at their silly questions?

If so, why not just change the name or something?  As precedent for this, 
there's an IRC channel called #kernelnewbies which a number of kernel hackers
hang out on which doesn't seem to scare away the newbies.  Maybe techtalk
could do something similar.


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