Subject: [Techtalk] Proposal: A beginner's list.

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> Subject: [Techtalk] Proposal: A beginner's list.
> Hi techtalk,
> Eli made a suggestion on grrltalk this morning that a beginners list be
> made.
> techtalk has been growing in traffic and diversity and it has been
> suggested that beginners would feel more comfortable having their own
> list. We expect that experienced Linux users will be welcome to join and
> answer questions, but that the list will exist to help people with those
> first hard weeks/months of using Linux, and for anyone who has a really
> 'simple' question to ask.
> Jenn just wants us to determine the level of need. People who have
> thoughts should reply to this mail. I've set Reply-To to grrltalk.
> -Mary.
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> Mary Gardiner
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Dear grrltalk (and techtalk as I am not on grrltalk list (yet))

I am definitely in favour of this. I installed Linux 6 months ago and am only beginning to get to know my way
around and often have questions so dumb I fear for myself.  This list and Linuxchix links has helped alot.

Aprrehended ridicule is a real problem, expecially if you are like me and come from Windoze and had no other
choice. (In most businesses where I work Mac is not considered a desk top option, Linux is anthema). For the
really simple things, as well as referring to faq's maybe Linuxchix could have a Beginner's faq too? The Linuxchix
links are the most useful I have come across. The Newbie stuff is great.  But the problem for Beginners like
myself is that I (we) are even less evolved than most Newbies. I get the impression that a Newbie is a fairly
experienced sysadmin with (compared to  User Beginner) medium to high computer literacy in Windoze or Mac or
sometimes a Unix flavour and is checking out Linux.

What is missed is the Newbie *User*, the  clutz, the truly madly deeply dummy, the so-called Weapons Grade User
with no clue or enough of an idea to do serious self harm then never return to Linux.  All they (we, though I
think there is some hope for maybe some us to one day set our sites higher) want is an inexpensive desk top,
access to the internet and to do their office or home work with as little interruption from the bsod as possible.
ie., what serious Linux tekkies think of as cockroaches scurrying cross their platform. I have been trodden on by
at least one list trying to get at some basic info. It hurts

This is the hardest to cater for becuase the pov is entirely lost in Windows that they (we) cannot see out of. I
think that there will be alot more Windoze Users waking up to Linux when they look at how much it will cost them
to upgrade to the new M$ XP-ensive and have to buy a new computer to run its bloated OS and fit all the proprietry
software the encryption the security, etc etc that goes with it.  It is just possible that at least some small
businesses may have to serioulsy consider cheaper alternatives for the desk top and the office LAN. It would be
great for Linux if this did happen and great for Linuxchix if it had a list and faq linx and intro info to cater
for this sort of Beginner, as distinct from the sysadmin Newbie.


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