SV: [Grrltalk] Re: Subject: [Techtalk] Proposal: A beginner's list.

Eli Therese honeypot at
Mon Oct 29 00:54:38 EST 2001

> raen7 at said:
> > I am definitely in favour of this. I installed Linux 6 months ago and
> > am only beginning to get to know my way around and often have
> > questions so dumb I fear for myself.
> How is techtalk not suitable for this?  As far as I'm aware, all remotely
> technical questions of any level are asked and answered here.  


I think the list would be for for exchanging experiences on various linuxrelated stuff, aswell as questions, if that is what the subscribers want. And I think theres people on Techtalk that are 'afraid' of asking what the think will be consideres as stupid questions. 

And the whole thing with two lists is that you can just subscribe to the newbie list if that's what you want. If you just want answers to basic questions you wont have to subscribe to techtalk, who can be high traffic, with discussions way over newbies' heads. 

Having this list will also make develop our community.



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