[Techtalk] iBook Potato

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Fri Oct 26 09:02:05 EST 2001

On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 05:26, vDog wrote:
> I searched the archives, but was only able to go back a few months. 
> Forgive me if this subject has been beat to death.
> I have an iBook 600 MHz on order that I want to partition for a 
> triple boot of the two Mac OS's and Debian Potato. I did a trial run 
> by similarly partitioning an iMac. I got fdisk to mount from the boot 
> prompt and the CD, but was unable to partition the disk space 
> allocated for Debian, *invalid partition name*. (in this case 
> /dev/hda8) In Drive Setup I allocated the partition as HFS+, Mac OS 
> Std, and Unassigned (free). None worked.
> I noticed in reading the archives that some of you are running Mac 
> laptops and would appreciate any clues. TIA...vD

I am running SuSE 7.3 PPC Beta 2 on an iBook2 at the moment.  I have
also tried Yellow Dog on it.  I know some people running Debian.  What
version of MacOS do you have?  I did my partitioning in MacOS.  It
offers Unix and Linux standard partition formats.  I don't know anything
about Debian installation.  You can probably find some how tos on the
net since it seems to be the distro of choice for a lot of developers.

Also a good place to get help is irc.openprojects.net.  There are some
channels in there with helpful people.  (and ppc hackers)

Also check carefully the required format for your boot partition.  SuSE
uses an HFS (mac standard) boot partition, but YDL requires an ext2 boot
partition.  I created both so I can change my install without having to
reinstall macos (again).  I've not tried a triple boot.

If you want to run Mac on Linux from your MacOS 9 partition, make sure
that partition is HFS not HFS+.  I think I read somewhere that Linux
generally can't work with the HFS+ partitions.  I haven't tried MOL yet


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