[Techtalk] iBook Potato

vDog verticaldog at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 25 23:26:59 EST 2001

I searched the archives, but was only able to go back a few months. 
Forgive me if this subject has been beat to death.

I have an iBook 600 MHz on order that I want to partition for a 
triple boot of the two Mac OS's and Debian Potato. I did a trial run 
by similarly partitioning an iMac. I got fdisk to mount from the boot 
prompt and the CD, but was unable to partition the disk space 
allocated for Debian, *invalid partition name*. (in this case 
/dev/hda8) In Drive Setup I allocated the partition as HFS+, Mac OS 
Std, and Unassigned (free). None worked.

I noticed in reading the archives that some of you are running Mac 
laptops and would appreciate any clues. TIA...vD

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