[Techtalk] Sendmail with Star Office 5.2 & RH 7.1

Raena Lea-Shannon raen7 at ihug.com.au
Fri Oct 26 00:43:08 EST 2001

I suffer from what I gather is a common problem. Star Office 5.2' email
(which has an excellent digest reader btw) recieves but will not send
mail in a RH 7.1. I have checked the Star Office lists and gather that
it is soemthingto do with the way sendmail is configured in RH 7.1 but I
(and mny like me) have had no problems sedningmail in eg Netscape. I
have asked Star Office's support but to no avail and all threads ask
this uestion but none answer it. Can anyone on Techtalk advise on the
correct send mail set up in simple easy to follow sendmail for dummies
knid of way.


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