[Techtalk] usb "palmpilot" "how do I ?"

Jen B jen at sedition.org
Thu Oct 25 10:31:27 EST 2001

never fear, it will work. I'm happily using my visor with
my Powerbook & USB with Debian. I have some great links that I'll send
on later, or if you cannot wait search the web for the "visor HOWTO"

I'm not clear on if your computer recognizes that USB is there though.
What's the output of a "lsmod" and "dmesg | grep usb"
Are you using Suse's default kernel (2.4.4 i believe) ?

Hope I can help you more later,


On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 jfweber at eternal.net wrote:

> **** imagine; all of everything that is or was, can be reduced to an equation less than one inch long ! ***
> okay , here's the situation , just got a Handspring Visor ( prism in
> case it matters ) but it comes w/ a USB connection . The problem is ,
> there seems no way to tell Suse linux (7.2) that it is on/in(?) any usb
> location ..  I've poked around a bit, and notice there seem to be lots
> of things that have usb "drivers" ( for lack of a better word , maybe
> "introduction" to the host computer?) and although jpilot worked w/ my
> serial connected Palm 505m it just seems "lost" w/ this situation.. any
> hope , or help ? I'd really appreciate it... and if it isn't going to
> work, I'd like to know that asap as well ( no sense in getting more
> keyboard dents in the face than absolutely necessary.. <g>)
> --
> j
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