[Techtalk] usb "palmpilot" "how do I ?"

jfweber at eternal.net jfweber at eternal.net
Thu Oct 25 10:03:36 EST 2001

**** imagine; all of everything that is or was, can be reduced to an equation less than one inch long ! ***

okay , here's the situation , just got a Handspring Visor ( prism in
case it matters ) but it comes w/ a USB connection . The problem is ,
there seems no way to tell Suse linux (7.2) that it is on/in(?) any usb
location ..  I've poked around a bit, and notice there seem to be lots
of things that have usb "drivers" ( for lack of a better word , maybe
"introduction" to the host computer?) and although jpilot worked w/ my
serial connected Palm 505m it just seems "lost" w/ this situation.. any
hope , or help ? I'd really appreciate it... and if it isn't going to
work, I'd like to know that asap as well ( no sense in getting more
keyboard dents in the face than absolutely necessary.. <g>)



afterthought : Dogs come when you call. Cats have answering machines.

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