[Techtalk] usb "palmpilot" "how do I ?"

jfweber at eternal.net jfweber at eternal.net
Thu Oct 25 11:22:58 EST 2001

** On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 10:31:27 -0400 (EDT) Jen B

<jen at sedition.org> wrote this:

**never fear, it will work.
OOOh Goody !

**I'm not clear on if your computer recognizes that USB is there though.

It recognises and ( apparently ) loads the usb module this is the
output for usb ( you don't need to see the rest of the junque on this
box do ya?)

grrrr polarbar has decided not to do cut n paste ...

**usb-storage 	23936 (0) (unused) there are lots of directories under the dev/usb level, but they all seem to be for mice, or scanners , and ( I think  one tablet sort of thing )

**Are you using Suse's default kernel (2.4.4 i believe) ?

yup .. there hasn't been any need to compile one , and they aren't a
trivial operation. ( I never seem to get enough time all in one lump to
do anything complex.. there is always a "firestorm " going on
somewhere... <sigh>


afterthought : ... Bacon & eggs - Hens are involved but pigs are commited.

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