[Techtalk] Bellsouth and DSL (beware the evil monopoly)

Lemanski, Lahoma J. LJLemanski at mail.ifas.ufl.edu
Mon Oct 22 09:09:48 EST 2001

Bellsouth, they are an evil monopoly.
I have been bugging them for nearly a year and a half, not necessarily
because I want them to provide my dsl service, but because they own the
lines to my home, and if they do not upgrade the lines in my neighborhood, I
cannot get dsl from any provider. There are several people in the immediate
vicinity who have already gotten dsl through bellsouth(less than 3 blocks
away), but they are still balking at upgrading the lines. Also a friend who
lives about 4 blocks away, actually recieved notification that dsl was
available at his home, so he called acceleration.net, and they got him up
and running. A few days after that, he had no dsl, and also no phone service
for 4 days. When the phone service came back, he no longer had dsl.
Bellsouth told him "Sorry, your lines no longer qualify for dsl." Needless
to say, I believe that lawyers have been called and legal action is going to
have to be taken, as this is not the first incident of such behavior from

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