[Techtalk] Bellsouth and DSL (beware the evil monopoly)

James james at james-web.net
Wed Oct 24 21:16:55 EST 2001

I know, its horrible.

I worked for a DSL company, and I have had a worse experience:

We provision the line, its all ready to go, but won't sync.

We clear it on our end, the CLEC clears it and hands it off to the

Nameless-ILEC says, "Oh yeah, that customer's area has old wiring and won't
work for DSL until we rebuild it.  The projected rebuild start date is 18
months, but that might slip."

Thanks Nameless-ILEC for wasting lots of time and money.

But the worst part is, the customer can't scold the ILEC or even CLEC, they
only get to yell at the ISP (Because thats who they talk to).  So I get to
hear screaming for 20 minutes about something I can't fix or do anything
about.  The customer usually gets most of their money back, while the ISP
and CLEC eat costs there.

- James

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Bellsouth, they are an evil monopoly.
I have been bugging them for nearly a year and a half, not necessarily
because I want them to provide my dsl service, but because they own the
lines to my home, and if they do not upgrade the lines in my neighborhood, I
cannot get dsl from any provider. There are several people in the immediate
vicinity who have already gotten dsl through bellsouth(less than 3 blocks
away), but they are still balking at upgrading the lines. Also a friend who
lives about 4 blocks away, actually recieved notification that dsl was
available at his home, so he called acceleration.net, and they got him up
and running. A few days after that, he had no dsl, and also no phone service
for 4 days. When the phone service came back, he no longer had dsl.
Bellsouth told him "Sorry, your lines no longer qualify for dsl." Needless
to say, I believe that lawyers have been called and legal action is going to
have to be taken, as this is not the first incident of such behavior from

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