[Techtalk] Any Bellsouth dsl users in the house ?

Rob Stevens linuxgawd at home.com
Sat Oct 20 15:25:56 EST 2001

I don't use DSL or Bellsouth, but I aided a friend in setup of his DSL
service.  They asked him what version of Windows he had.  He said dual boot
Win/Lin.  It sort of dumbfounded the sales rep.  The rep asked if he wanted
an ethernet modem or USB.  I had told my friend before to request teh
ethernet modem.  The rep seemed to process the order with only a little
hesitation.  "Sir, I have to tell you now, we DO NOT support any other
operating systems then MAC/OS / Windows.  So your DSL service will ONLY work
while you are using Windows."  Once he got his modem it was a 2 minute
ordeal to set linux up for DSL.  And linux seems to run that connection just

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**** imagine; all of everything that is or was, can be reduced to an
equation less than one inch long ! ***

Ladies;  Honorable and Honorary,
any help anyone wishes to impart here will be most greatfully recieved,
although, any suggestions to "go boil yer 'ead , will be chearfully ignored
Okay , getting completely and thoroughly discusted w/ verio , we have
gone so far as to contact bellSouth .. who , of course , tell us, they
"do not support linux" and wont even send us the modem unless we have
windows something on the box.. <heavy sigh> I still have a windows
partition I can fudge a bit for purposes of this experiment <g> tho
husband is seriously worried that w/o support we wont be able to use it
.. I can't imagine why, if anyone did support an OS I was currently
using , I'd have to see what was further out on the bleeding edge<g>

Anyway, any users of Bell South in particular , or DSL generally  care
to share ? headaches , heartbreaks , willingness to suggest answers to
tech support type questions ..  ??? Especially if you might be willing
to take this off list  for private discussions, and electronic
handholding and "there , there" , type soothing noises for Gil ( that's
the spouse <g>)
/sings "life upon the bleeding edge aint never what a girl supposes ..
 somewhat off key, but to tune of a very old vaudville tune, Life Upon the
Wicked Stage .. )

TIA y'all


afterthought : DOS tip #17: add DEVICE=FNGRCROS.SYS to CONFIG.SYS.

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