[Techtalk] kernel upgrades

Jennifer Davis jsd at brain.jenn.ca
Thu Oct 11 22:13:57 EST 2001

For some reason, I am having difficulty with kernel compiling myself.  I
have P200 running my server that runs Slackware 7.0 and an AMD-K6-500 that
runs Slackware 8.  I can't seem to get the Slack 7.0 machine to run a
kernel higher than 2.2.16.  The 2.2.19 will compile, but the PPP won't
work.  I am assuming that I may need to upgrade the PPP.  My system uses
Bell Sympatico's HSE/ADSL PPPoE.

On the Slack 8 system, I can't seem to compile the modules on anything but
the 2.4.5 that came with the OS.  

Does anyone know offhand what is causing these problems.  After having
early success compiling my kernel, I think I am messing up.  I thought
maybe my problems are to do with out-of-date packeges.  Any help in
uderstanding this would be appreciated...




Excerpt from slashdot below.

I actually did this same upgrade from 2.2.16 a couple of weeks ago and it
wasn't all that bad. You only had to update 4 or 5 rpms (which I grabbed
from the current redhat version) and there weren't any odd dependency
issues. 2.4.x is a nice upgrade especially if you're on a desktop - you'll
appreciate the nice increase in speed.
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Re:Question for the Uber geeks. (Score:2, Informative) 
by yanyan on Tuesday October 09, @11:18PM (#2409212) 
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Not THAT easily.. you'd most likely need to upgrade critical system tools
and utilities like binutils, util-linux, modutils, maybe even gcc. For
kernel 2.4.10, these are the needed versions of those and other packages: 

gcc - 2.95.3 
make - 3.77 
binutils - 
util-linux - 2.10o 
modutils - 2.4.2 
e2fsprogs - 1.19 
ppp - 2.4.0 

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