[Techtalk] kernel upgrades

Jo Mann jomann22 at zonnet.nl
Thu Oct 11 19:02:40 EST 2001


This is something I would like to know myself. I have just recently become
a newbie to the wonderful world of Linux and installed Suse 7.2. I get the
same options...what does it all mean???


Glen Strom wrote:

> On 11 Oct 2001, at 9:28, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> > I just installed a new kernel yesterday for my laptop.  It is SuSE
> > though.
> My question may not be kernel-related...then again, maybe it is.
> I'm running SuSE 7.1. When I boot up, the Lilo splash screen
> shows me the following options:
> linux
> suse
> windows
> memtest86
> Linux is the default. Of course, I know what the windows and
> memtest entries are for, but I've never been able to find out what
> the suse entry is, or how it differs from the linux entry. Does
> anyone know?
> (No, I've never tried booting the suse entry. I don't like to try things
> that have an unknown result.)
> Thanks.
> Glen Strom
> gstrom at primus.ca
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