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Mandi mandi at linuxchick.org
Wed Oct 10 20:40:00 EST 2001


On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Kath wrote:

> Two questions:
> 1st Question:
> Say I deploy a network as such...
> Rest of Network <-- Cisco Router --Ethernet-- <Internal Workstation Ethernet
> Network w/ DHCPD Server >
> Will the DHCP DISCOVERs from the workstations go beyond the Cisco router (by
> default)?

By default, I don't believe so, but they can if the relay is enabled in
ios.  (my internal routers are all linux, tho. they don't forward bootp or
dhcp, btw)

> I'm thinking it won't, but someone told me to the contrary, so I wanted to
> check.
> 2nd Question:
> Say instead of deploying multiple DHCPD servers, I want one central server,
> but I would still like to be able to assign addresses depending on where the
> computer is.  Explanation:
> Marketing Office --->
> Customer Service Office --->
> Technical Services Office --->
> Management Office --->
> Lets say each one of those '--->' represent a router, all connecting to the
> server room where the DHCP server is.
> Now say I want Marketing Office to get 10.1.1.x subnet, Customer Service to
> get 10.2.1.x, Technical to get 10.3.1.x and Management to get 10.4.1.x
> (Maybe I should make that 10.4.x.x... we all know Management would need more
> IPs, since management is always top heavy :)).
> Would this be possible (Without knowing MAC addresses)?

I usually end up doing this the long way, with multiple nics in the
server, and starting dhcpd on each nic.  I'm not sure what other way to do
it (so i'll be watching responses too!... :) ) since all the server knows
about the dhcp client machine is its mac address and what interface the
request came in on, if there are multiple interfaces connected to the



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