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Thu Oct 11 02:30:01 EST 2001

Heya --

Quoth Kath and Mandi (Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 08:40:00PM -0400):
> > Will the DHCP DISCOVERs from the workstations go beyond the Cisco router (by
> > default)?
> By default, I don't believe so, but they can if the relay is enabled in
> ios.  (my internal routers are all linux, tho. they don't forward bootp or
> dhcp, btw)
	Under most current IOS's, DHCP requests are not forwarded by
default.  You can turn it on with the "dhcp-server" command if desired.
> > Say instead of deploying multiple DHCPD servers, I want one central server,
> > but I would still like to be able to assign addresses depending on where the
> > computer is.  Explanation:
> >
> > Now say I want Marketing Office to get 10.1.1.x subnet, Customer Service to
> > get 10.2.1.x, Technical to get 10.3.1.x and Management to get 10.4.1.x
> > (Maybe I should make that 10.4.x.x... we all know Management would need more
> > IPs, since management is always top heavy :)).
> >
> > Would this be possible (Without knowing MAC addresses)?

	Depends on what your DHCP server is, and how many NICs are in
the server.  Are you using Linux and dhcpd?  If so...
> I usually end up doing this the long way, with multiple nics in the
> server, and starting dhcpd on each nic.

	That would be my first instinct, too.  You have to have
something different in order to determine where the requests are coming
from.  You can do this by tracking MAC addys (like you don't want to
do), or by incoming interface.  For some Ethernet cards you can change
the MAC addresses, so you could set them to something appropriate for
the subnet you want them to be assigned to... but that's probably a
whole lot more trouble than it's worth.


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