[Techtalk] DHCPD Question

Kath kath at kathweb.net
Wed Oct 10 03:01:15 EST 2001

Two questions:

1st Question:
Say I deploy a network as such...

Rest of Network <-- Cisco Router --Ethernet-- <Internal Workstation Ethernet
Network w/ DHCPD Server >

Will the DHCP DISCOVERs from the workstations go beyond the Cisco router (by

I'm thinking it won't, but someone told me to the contrary, so I wanted to

2nd Question:
Say instead of deploying multiple DHCPD servers, I want one central server,
but I would still like to be able to assign addresses depending on where the
computer is.  Explanation:

Marketing Office --->
Customer Service Office --->
Technical Services Office --->
Management Office --->

Lets say each one of those '--->' represent a router, all connecting to the
server room where the DHCP server is.

Now say I want Marketing Office to get 10.1.1.x subnet, Customer Service to
get 10.2.1.x, Technical to get 10.3.1.x and Management to get 10.4.1.x
(Maybe I should make that 10.4.x.x... we all know Management would need more
IPs, since management is always top heavy :)).

Would this be possible (Without knowing MAC addresses)?

- k

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