[Techtalk] hardware recomendations requested

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Fri Oct 5 08:34:48 EST 2001

> **Apparently Gimp changed its plugin format so the old plugin no longer
> **works
> yes, you have hit that one right on hte noggin! I haven't had the time
> , sa yet to see if the plugin you mention is on the Gimp site ( I
> decided to see about keeping me happy home, and cooked dinner.. so I
> shall set aside sometime tomorrow or This weekend to get some serious
> searching done. 

a) The program's name is The GIMP.  (all caps)

b) In GIMP they are called "plug-ins" not "plugins"

c) Yes, the format for plug-ins has changed extensively.  Don't even
imagine using an old plug-in when 1.3 or 1.4 comes out.  They are
completely rewriting the core GIMP code.  If you want plug-ins for GIMP,
check the registry.  Also check who the maintainer of a plug-in is. 
Sometimes poking a maintainer and letting them know people still use the
plug-in gets them to update it.  But all GIMP stuff is done by
volunteers.  So if you want to update a plug-in or make a new one, check
the docs for it and e-mail questions to the developer list.  GIMPers are
happy for new developers and very supportive with helping fix things and

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