[Techtalk] hardware recomendations requested

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu Oct 4 20:13:02 EST 2001

jfweber at eternal.net writes:
> ** On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 15:28:40 -0700 Akkana <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote this:
>  Hi Akkana, and all who tried to point me in the correct (?) direction
> , spent the afternoon trolling thru the local "computerware" shops to be
> told , repetedly , that No one uses scsi any more for anything and that
> I would HAVE to get a usb scanner AND cdrw ... uhhhh, no... actually ,

I wondered why you were so insistent on scsi.  For CD-RW, I
have an IDE drive that works fine with linux (the CD-Writing Howto
gives nice clear instructions on how to set it up with ide-scsi
emulation), and IDE CD-RW drives are really cheap now.  Apparently
some USB scanners do work with Linux (see http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/)
but I don't know of any slide scanners.

> However, by virtue of attempting to open a kodak cd image  and also one
> for an item some camera shops are using called a "Picture"CD .. simular
> to a Kodak pro version , but differes in a couple of serious ways .. it
> doesn't have nearlly the image quality or colour depth  ... but the
> quality is good ( and they give you the negatives or slides as well...
> so I have a cd w/ pics on that I can use now, and the negatives can go
> into some archival state. There is a wee problem w/ these Cds as well as
> hte kodak ones, neither Gimp, nor most of the graphics editors included
> on the Suse7.2 ( pro) disks recognise the file format ( which appears to
> be some variant of the Kodak format. However Kuickview will open the

I have several Picture CDs, though admittedly they're from several
years ago and it's possible that Kodak has changed its format.
The ones I have use jpg (1536x1024) and xv and gimp both read them
just fine.  That was in the "pictures" directory on the disk
(Kodak loads up its Picture CD disks with all kinds of useless
Windows software).  I stopped getting PictureCD, though, because
of really bad service from Kodak (had to have some sets scanned
several times and they never did get them right -- the slides
weren't centered in the scan so there was black on one side and
missing image on the other).


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