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Thu Oct 4 21:25:42 EST 2001

** On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 15:28:40 -0700 Akkana <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote this:

 Hi Akkana, and all who tried to point me in the correct (?) direction
, spent the afternoon trolling thru the local "computerware" shops to be
told , repetedly , that No one uses scsi any more for anything and that
I would HAVE to get a usb scanner AND cdrw ... uhhhh, no... actually ,
they had several scanners that were HPs , and I know I've seen at lesat
one of them as a scsi version somewhere, most likely on the net. I shall
begin a serious hunt tomorrow or the next day ...

**Apparently Gimp changed its plugin format so the old plugin no longer
yes, you have hit that one right on hte noggin! I haven't had the time
, sa yet to see if the plugin you mention is on the Gimp site ( I
decided to see about keeping me happy home, and cooked dinner.. so I
shall set aside sometime tomorrow or This weekend to get some serious
searching done.
However, by virtue of attempting to open a kodak cd image  and also one
for an item some camera shops are using called a "Picture"CD .. simular
to a Kodak pro version , but differes in a couple of serious ways .. it
doesn't have nearlly the image quality or colour depth  ... but the
quality is good ( and they give you the negatives or slides as well...
so I have a cd w/ pics on that I can use now, and the negatives can go
into some archival state. There is a wee problem w/ these Cds as well as
hte kodak ones, neither Gimp, nor most of the graphics editors included
on the Suse7.2 ( pro) disks recognise the file format ( which appears to
be some variant of the Kodak format. However Kuickview will open the
files on both types of CDs, and they can then be saved to a hard drive
either as jpegs or any other little file format one prefers to use..
Once saved as a jpeg, of course, all the rest of the graphics programs
included w/ the distro can see , manipulate and print   ...
Interestingly, many of these photo places "entered"  into the digital
world by putting digital files on a floppy disk 9 almosy no image
quality , BUT.. should the images be wanted for web pages, they were
available almost overnight at no addittional cost! THese images are
640x480 ... normally printing from that "other" operating system would
result in a basically awful print , should you wish one larger than a
matchbook cover. Print the same photo from the same 640x480 picture,
from gimp, or very likely any other photo program .. and you can get a
really decent 8x10 inch photo ... ( interpolation, but well done !) So,
I am definatley going to keep hunting for a new version of the Kodak
If I find anything of interest , I shall be happy to let everyone on
the list know what I've found.
Thanks again for your help .


afterthought : A computer's attention span is as long as it's power cord.

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